Solinteg, together with its partner Power n Sun, has launched hybrid inverter product in South Africa.

Solinteg Group, along with its partner Power n Sun, has launched the Integ M family of hybrid inverter 3-50KW for residential and commercial applications in South Africa.

As a professor of PV inverter and energy storage technology, Solinteg decided to cooperate with Power n Sun to develop the PV energy storage market in South Africa. Currently, Solinteg along with Power n Sun, has launched its hybrid inverter product of three-phase 4-20KW and single-phase 3-8KW for residential and commercial use. And Solinteg will launch its new product for commercial market, the hybrid inverter 25-50KW, very soon this year.

This cooperation will have a great impact on the distributed PV market in South Africa. Indeed, Solinteg focuses on leading PV inverter technology and energy storage solutions. Its Integ M hybrid inverter family has great advantages in both performance and practical applications. In South Africa, Solinteg will work in synergy with Power n Sun, who’s the solar solution provider with business in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

At the upcoming exhibition of The Solar Show Africa 2022, Solinteg hybrid inverter products will be exhibited on Power n Sun’s booth. They are single phase 3-8KW and three phase 4-20KW designed for residential and commercial PV systems. With technical features of supporting high PV current input up to 30A, phase-unbalanced load up to 110%, and large charge/discharge current up to 40A, it can be anticipated that Solinteg product will earn great attention.

“We believe the distributed PV energy storage market in South Africa is significantly potential.” Solinteg said “We are confident in our cooperation with Power n Sun. We firmly believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, we can provide sustainable, intelligent and cost-effective clean energy for users in South Africa.”